Our Estate

Laurent and the cooperators

Champagne KLEPKA-SAUSSE is located in OGER for 4 generations. In this little town, classified Grand cru, Laurent KLEPKA and his wife Catherine, run and grow the 5,8 hectares (14,33 acres) of the family’s vineyards. The vines exclusively planted with the Chardonnay variety, lies on the OGER soil.

The family story begins in the 1920s, with Fernand and his wife, Jeanne. Both winemakers, they buy the first acres of the family. Fernand owns a press and some tanks, he vinifies his own grapes. But, in an unstable economic environment, winemakers have difficulty finding a buyer for their crop.

In this precarious situation, with no guarantee to sell his grapes, Fernand is conscious that his best interest lies in gathering with his colleagues.

Les Grappes d'Or

A few years later, Fernand's daughter, Yvonne, and her husband Raymond, decide to join together with the other winegrowers from OGER : they become the Co-operators.

This is how the co-operative « Les grappes d’or » (the golden bunches) is founded in 1946. Raymond and the next generation, Andrée his daughter, with her husband Jean-Claude, fully commit themselves. In this cooperative spirit, Laurent KLEPKA grows up.

After being graduated from viticulture high school, and a 6 month internship in the United states in 1992, Laurent takes over his parents’ operation. Nowadays, with his wife Catherine, he grows the inherited vineyards. Laurent came up through the ranks to become President of the co-operative in 2009. He represents the co-operators and, above all, his family business, champagne KLEPKA-SAUSSE.

A responsible viticulture

Since the 1990s, a sustainable viticulture has been implemented. Laurent is aware of the importance of this environmental approach for more than 20 years now. The sustainable practices became part of his behavior, his habits.

That’s how Laurent, in his capacity as President and winemaker, ignited a strong sustainable approach.

As proof, his farm obtained in 2019 both "High environmental value" and "sustainable viticulture in Champagne" certifications.

He grows with his wife the 5,8 hectares planted with Chardonnay in the "Côte des blancs" (the coast of white grapes), to make each year highly expressive wines.