Alliance Rubis

Alliance Rubis


Alliance Rubis Rosé
83 % Chardonnay, 17 % Red wine Grand Cru
54% of the harvest 2017 blended with 46 % of reserve wines
Dosage : 8g/l


The Champagne displays a luminous and fairly fluid, orange-pink color with bright orangepink highlights that are deep in the glass. It is crossed by fine and vivid bubbles that feed a persistent collar. The visual sensation indicates freshness and a full of nuances.

The first nose is delicate, oscillating between notes of lemon, orange, blackcurrant, pink grapefruit, chalk, peppermint. When aerated the Champagne evolves towards notes of fresh grapes, vine peach, pruned almond, mandarin, red apple, carnation, fresh rose, toasted bread, plum, apricot, with peppery and flinty accents.

The contact in the palate is supple and fresh, with a creamy and melted effervescence. The Champagne develops a pulpy and crisp fruity matter, sustained by a fresh acidity reminding those of lemon and pink grapefruit. The middle mouth is orchestrated by a predominantly chalky minerality that provides frankness, saltiness with iodine aroma and a good length to the palate. The Champagne is slightly bodied and shows his character in combination with the slender freshness that brings a concentrated finish, juicy and well peppered.

Rubis is a Champagne that offers freshness, power and elegance, a good balance for sharing moments with tapas.

Harmonic suggestions

We suggest a tasting made from a temperature of 9°C (48,2°F), in a slender and curved glass that will enhance the Champagne up to a temperature of 14°C (57,2°F). Enjoy your Champagne with the following pairing ideas :

  • For all friendly occasions
  • Chiffonade of Parma ham, sweet chorizo and coppa
  • Small cherry tomatoes stuffed with fresh cheese whipped with Timut pepper
  • Guacamole and tortillas
  • Smoked mozzarella di Bufala, semi-candied tomato and basil leaf
  • Salmon and leek pie
  • Vegetable lasagna
  • Toast of duck foie gras and red onion compote
  • Sliced grilled duck aiguillette and cherry sauce
  • Whipped paste of creamy cheese, coulis of beef heart tomatoes
  • Fine brunoise of strawberries and chopped fresh mint ...